RAGE NUCLÉAIRE - Black Storm of Violence


Format: CD

Style: Black Metal

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RAGE NUCLÉAIRE -  Black Storm of Violence


Product Description

"...And the angel of light said: 'Let there be more killing, more hatred, more war and more violence', and there was begotten a second Rage Nucléaire album. And there came a time when no good remained in the world, when chaotic evil met lawful evil, and it was called Black Storm of Violence. Now you die." - Rage Nucleaire 2014 Savage Canadian black metal militia RAGE NUCLEAIRE return with their most brutal offensive to date, in the form of the new album 'Black Storm of Violence'. 'Black Storm of Violence' is nihilism incarnate, devoid of all subtlety and mercy. The band, led by the inimitable Lord Worm (ex CRYPTOPSY, burn through eight tracks of cult black metal including stand-outs "A Sino-American Chainsaw War", "Annihilation Frenzy", and the title track. RAGE NUCLEAIRE's rabid metal recalls a time when the genre was still dangerous, and sharpens it with an almost masochistic rage.