LEVIATHAN - A Silhouette In Splinters
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Style: Ritual | Dark Ambient | Drone

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LEVIATHAN - A Silhouette In Splinters


Product Description

Leviathan’s “A Silhoutte In Splinters” is recommended to any noise/ambient fans who would like to hear some ambient done right by a black metal band. Highly, highly recommended for the devoted fan. This would be an odd album to start with, as here we have on display a noticeably different expression of artistic virtuosity. In the previous offerings, there is always present a thrustful energy, entropy in its purest state, a sense that darkness and destruction are imminent, all being precisely articulated by well crafted vocals, drumming, and shredding guitars. But what we have here with “A Sillouette In Splinters” is totally different...This is sheer ambient nirvana. With “A Sillouette In Splinters”, the listener is brought to a place that is not quite Heaven, but definitely closer to Hell. Through the use of very, very limited percussions, heavy use of atonal electronics, and the ever present guitar, fading in/out, vexing the listener that the sins of a life wasted on Earth has only brought them to a place to contemplate what is next. This is a journey... It is a psychologically charged, it is also an extraordinarily beautiful album, and the brooding elements only add to the incredible atmosphere it conjures. This is a stunning album... Appropriate listening if you slit you wrists to: Deathspell Omega, Lustmord, Burzum, Locrian.