LEVIATHAN - Tentacles Of Whorror
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Style: Black Metal

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LEVIATHAN - Tentacles Of Whorror


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Leviathan’s “Tentacles of Whorror” achies it’s objective, it is troubling and it is fucked up! After years of standing in suicidal hell, Wrest focuses on what remains of a shattered psyche; the road of dementia leads straight to “Tentacles of Whorror”! The pure anger and rage of “The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide” is now taken in a different direction; the emotions mentioned are still present, but the created art here is the product of a madman; a psycho that now gives the impression that these emotions no longer just cause pain but also give Wrest a satisfaction of sorts. Pain now equals pleasure... Melodies here take the listener to the edge, provoking concern and at times a paranoia that something very bad is about to happen. Mix that with ambient atmosphere effects and an occasional delirious moan or incoherent ramble, and what you have is a representation of insanity that is as close as one can get to it, without being insane themselves. Melancholy phrases are disturbing in just how haunting they actually are. The effect on the mind runs deep; it is scary just how much the listener’s conscious perception of reality is affected by these recordings. This album achieves it’s objective. It is troubling and it is fucked up. Appropriate listening if you slit you wrists to: Anaal Nathrakh’s early years, classic Burzum, Emperor’s demo, Xasthur.