KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage


Format: CD

Style: Death Metal

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KRISIUN - Works Of Carnage


Product Description

Brazil?s KRISIUN have been forging their brand of amphetamine-fueled death metal for almost ten years now and are universally regarded as one of the tightest live bands in all of metal. With Works Of Carange, their newest album, KRISIUN have one goal: total annihilation. The new material is a saturating blitzkrieg of unrelenting death metal fury that is a true testament to the band?s abilities and further cements their status as one of the leading death metal bands in the world today. - Fifth full-length release from Brazil?s premiere death metal act. - Mixed and mastered by Pierre Relimilard (Cryptopsy, Gorguts). - Features an amazing rendition of the Venom classic "In League With Satan". - Works Of Carnage features some of the most striking artwork to ever grace a KRISIUN cover. "A devastatingly explosive musical force?" ? METAL MANIACS -- METAL MANIACS "A sound so dark, brutal and unholy, it could only come from the deepest, darkest jungles of Brazil." -- METAL EDGE