CYNIC - Traced In Air


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Style: Post Rock

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CYNIC - Traced In Air


Product Description

“Traced in Air” comes with all the trademarks that gained the band their well deserved cult-status with only one album released: Extreme Metal riffing is fused with the rhythmical intricacy of Jazz and the melodic complexity of Progressive Rock. “Traced in Air” witnesses the band ascending to an even higher spiritual level of musicianship, which reveals all their accumulated experiences and accomplishments of years spend composing and performing in other constellations. Mathematical melodies pearl over oscillating soundscapes in glorious moments of pain and joy joining somewhere out in space: a monument of pure fascination! 1. Nunc Fluens 2. The Space for this 3. Evolutionary Sleeper 4. Integral Birth 5. The Unknown Guest 6. Adam's Murmur 7. King of those who know 8. Nunc Stans.