SAMAEL - Lux Mundi


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Style: Industrial

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SAMAEL - Lux Mundi


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Limited Lp in Black vinyl and Clear vinyl. Innovation is a key word when it comes to Swiss metal experimentalists SAMAEL! What started out with pure and raw black metal soon evolved into a whole different beast: with their landmark release "Passage" SAMAEL turned towards groove-laden dark metal, and afterwards they started incorporating electronic, oriental or world music parts on highly successful albums such as "Solar Soul" (2007). After a brief romance with the brutal sound of their early days on "Above" in 2009, the band has now returned to the essence and core of SAMAEL: some might want to compare "Lux Mundi" to "Passage" when it comes to catchiness and songwriting skills, but this "Light of the world" can draw from decades of experience and experiments! The result is a pitch black monster boasting epic melodies (just check out the unbelievable "Soul Invictus"!), cutting riffs and grooves second to none. Pre-production comes from band intimus Waldemar Sorychta, while the mix was handled by Russ Russell in England. Band leaderVorph: "We’ve stuffed this album with so many things that it feels like we’ve created a black hole. We might have come full circle after "Solar Soul" and "Above", and the option for us was to leave SAMAEL behind or to add a new layer to our legacy, we went for the second option. With "Lux Mundi" we’ve put tar on our path and now we’ll be able to move further!” 1. Luxferre 2. Let My People Be! 3. Of War 4. Antigod 5. For A Thousand Years 6. The Shadow Of The Sword 7. In The Deep 8. Mother Night 9. Pagan Trance 10. In Gold We Trust 11. Soul Invictus 12. The Truth Is Marching On.