W.E.B. - For Bidens


Format: CD

Style: Gothic Metal

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W.E.B. - For Bidens


Product Description

Dark / Black / Death / Goth Metal Poetry from Greece. The idea of W.E.B. was born and started to take a lifeform shape from an embryonic state to a music challenge expressing Darkness and Death through adrenaline and poetry. An expression both straight but at the same time theatrical. W.E.B. is here to move you, provoke you, and invite you to the journey through ravendark starless nights with a fire made of Metal music. Dreams and Nighmares. The Dragon speaks... "For Bidens" recorded in Devasoundz Studios. Produced by Sakis Darkface & Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH). Guitar production by George Emmanuel (ROTTING CHRIST). Mixed and mastered by Daniel Castelman in Lambesis Studios USA. Orchestral arrangement by Chris Antoniou (SEPTICFLESH / CHAOSTAR). Guest appearances by: Fotis Benardo (SEPTICFLESH, CHAOSTAR, SIX FOR NINE) – Acoustic 12-strings guitars Androniki Skoula (CHAOSTAR) – Vocals Christiana Hatzimihali (ELYSION) - Vocals Tracklist: 1. Let There Be Night 2. Nightmares In Disguise 3. For Bidens 4. God Plays Dead 5. Eligos 6. Crimson Dawn 7. Prince Of 1000 Frozen Suns 8. Malaise 9. Night Funeral 10. Clamor Luna Part I – Clamor Rex 11. Clamor Luna Part II – Regima Est 12. Clamor Luna Part III – Regnum Sanguinis.