PUNGENT STENCH - Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats (White)


Format: LP

Style: Death Metal

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PUNGENT STENCH - Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats (White)


Product Description

DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! Back on Black Records re-issue the classic workds of Austrian death metal band Pungent Stench. "Dirty Rhymes & Psychotronic Beats" is an EP by Pungent Stench originally released in 1993 on Nuclear Blast Records. It contained a couple of new songs, two covers and two remixes of the "Blood, Pus, and Gastric Juice" song, taken off the debut album "For God Your Soul... For Me Your Flesh". The EP featured a rather controversial cover which was banned in many countries. SIDE A 1.Praise The Names Of The Musical Assassins 2.Viva la Muerte 3.Why Can The Bodies Fly 4.Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice (rare groove mix) 5.Horny Little Piggy Bank SIDE B 6.Four F Club 7.Blood, Pus & Gastric Juice (tekno house mix) 8.Madcatmachopsychoromantik (bonus track) - Limited Edition, Reissue, White.