TRANSITIONAL - Stomach Of The Sun


Format: 2LP

Style: Experimental | Abstract

Availability: Limited


TRANSITIONAL - Stomach Of The Sun


Product Description

Stomach of the Sun serves up as an excellent full length reply to last years debut release " nothing real, nothing absent ". Over an hours journey through a sonic universe of 9 tracks all of which give you different possibilities and range of what this band can produce. From devouring linear drones, lush melancholy to pure unadulterated rage experienced through a back drop of churning rhythms, using Cohesive experimental recording techniques combined with discordant world eating riffs enveloped in a signature approach to atmosphere and interspersing melody making a truly individual record. The line up consists again of musican/producer Kevin Laska on guitar/voice/electronics/synth and drum programming, who's probably best known work before transitional was with Anthony Di Franco ( ex- skullflower ) as Novatron. Dave Cochrane( who's past and present credits to name a few include Head of David, jesu, Greymachine and God) on Basses. This record also sees the introduction of Phil Petrocelli to the band (whos past and present credits include, to name a few, Trey Gunn, The living Jarboe, fear falls burning and Bill Laswell) appearing on drums on several tracks throughout the record. Mastered by Justin K Broadrick.............. - 80 gram vinyl edition limited to 500 copies in total, 100 on gold vinyl and 400 on white vinyl (this entry).