SARKE - Oldarhian


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Style: Black Metal

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SARKE - Oldarhian


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In 2009 Thomas Bergli, alias Sarke (Khold, Tulus, ex-Old Man’s Child), joined forces with the mighty Nocturno Culto from legendary Darkthrone and Anders Hunstad (El Caco, Autopulver) on keyboard to release the debut album of Sarke called Vorunah. It was a mesmerizing journey through dark and soothing soundscapes, musically inspired by the legends like Mayhem, Slayer, Darkthorne, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Death, Motorhead and Kreator. On the new album “Oldarhian” Sarke is still Inspired by the great rock bands from the 70s to the death and thrash metal of the 80s to the 90’s black metal. : 01 Condemned 02 Pilgrim Of The Occult 03Pessimist 04 Passage To Oldarhian 05 Flay The Wolf 06 Captured 07 Paradigm Lost 08 Novel Dawn 09 Burning Of The Monoliths 10 The Stranger Brew