PROFANATICA - Curling Flames Over Athens Show


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PROFANATICA - Curling Flames Over Athens Show


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CURLING FLAME OVER ATHENS – Sunday, 18th March 2018 Bowel of Noise proudly presents the most blasphemous Black Metal band on the planet, the Unholy Black Death Legends: PROFANATICA (Us), for first time & only one exclusive show in Athens - Greece. PROFANATICA (Us) Forever the iconoclasts, PROFANATICA are both black metal legends and defiant of such concepts of "legendary." As one of earliest American black metal bands, during the dark 'n' bloody days of the early 1990s, PROFANATICA set out upon a course of utter blasphemy and barbaric primitivism, then retreated into the shadows as a cult icon, only to be resurrected years later once the black metal scene had finally caught up with their invention/degradation. When they returned, with Profanatitas de Domonatia in 2007, the signature PROFANATICA sound was firmly in place, and yet masters Paul Ledney and John Gelso continued to challenge themselves and push this pulsing primitivism to uncharted waters of sin 'n' sickness. Three years later, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God pushed the envelope even further, and yet three more years again, 2013's Thy Kingdom Cum climaxed all over that envelope. Now, with The Curling Flame of Blasphemy, PROFANATICA have gone back to the beginning while re-imagining their signature sound in the subtlest and yet somehow-most-powerful way. Arguably the band's crudest and most primitive full-length thus far, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy bulldozes into being with a crushing, blown-out explosion of sound, setting out PROFANATICA's stall and drawing a very firm line in the sand: you either submit to its gloriously hypnotic blasphemy or get trampled under cloven, obsidian hoof. Paul Ledney's idiosyncratic approach to rudimentary/elevated-mind drumming forms the backbone by which John Gelso sends out wave upon wave of tense, vertigo-inducing riff, layering the bulldoze with chilling counterpoint that sends the vertigo into overdrive and creates a perverse disconnect from the sonic wreckage going on all around them. All the while, Ledney's charred-black vomits cut through the crush to spill forth verbal desecration, profaning the pure and defiling dog's creation as only he can. Together, both masterminds behind PROFANATICA underline an already incontrovertible fact: despite a decade or two of the black metal scene pilfering from them, no one sounds like PROFANATICA. Thus, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy never dies, never relents - from a flicker into an inferno - and both its heat and light shall serve as a guide for future generations of devotees/descecrators. SUPPORT ACTS: RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE (Can) The first incarnation of Rites of Thy Degringolade, which spanned six years between the releases of its self-titled demo in 1999 and its third album in 2005, was marked by a level of controlled chaos and a percussion-centric, unique hybrid of black and death metal that truly carved its own niche in the genre, but it was then laid to rest prematurely. Following a ten-year hiatus, founding member, Paulus Kressman, resurrected the band in 2015 with the intent to play some live performances and possibly even write new material. Fortunately, this second goal has now come to fruition with the recording of “The Universe in Three Parts,” a one-song demo which verifies that the band has lost nothing following its period of dormancy. Originally self-produced and made available at its live performances in late 2016, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to make this cassette more widely available to the general public with its own version of this release. At least as important as this demo’s confirmation of the band’s sustained level of songwriting and musicianship is its foreshadowing of even more to come. In fact, another version of “The Universe in Three Parts” is slated to be included on the upcoming, fourth Rites of Thy Degringolade album, which is currently in the process of being recorded. As such, this demo bridges the gap between Rites of Thy Degringolade’s past and future and builds anticipation for what the latter will bring. LYKAIONAS (Gr) Lykaionas formed in 2009 by Porphyrion with the purpose to craft macabre and obscure BM and lyrics covering Satanic, Sumerian, ancient worships of Death, Cults of Blood, Chaos Magic, Necromantic Rituals and generally LHP themes. In that same year and with the help of session members their debut “Legions of the Serpent Race” was released as a split CD with the one of the older and respectful Hellenic BM bands Nergal. In 2014 they released the demo “Arcane Bloodcult Mysteries” limited to 100 copies. In 2015 they released a 7’EP “Litanies of the Black Occult” adding in the line-up drummer Yngve at drums. The next year and after the adding of guitarist Melanaegis as full member, the first full-length “Luciferian Fullmoon Necromancy” CD was released. The band entered in September ‘17 in studio again to record their next full release and never had performed any live performance before the forth-coming ritual “Curling Flame Over Athens”. Doors Open: 20:00 Venue: Temple (Iakhou 17,Gkazi - Athens) Tickets: Pre sale: 20 € Doors: 25 € Pre sale Spots : Bowel Of Noise - Underground Record Store Themistokleous 25 - Athens Tel. 2103846783 email: Temple Athens Iakhou 17 Gkazi - Athens