SHINING - VII: Född Förlorare


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Style: Black Metal

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SHINING - VII: Född Förlorare


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Founded back in 1997 in Halmstad, Sweden by the then only fourteen year old Niklas Kvarforth, Shining started out as a traditional black metal act which has since evolved into one of the most controversial extreme metal acts of the past decade, with the combination of beautiful soundscapes and lyrics of despair & self-destruction becoming the band’s trademark. The band’s leader Niklas Kvarforth is also known for his work with black metal acts Betlehem, Den Saakaldte and his good friend Maniac’s (Ex-Mayhem) Skitliv. The new album “VII: Född Förlorare” takes these elements into new heights. With atmospheres from the deep end of depression to even some positive awakenings, this album as created by Kvarforth together with his long-time band mates marks a new cornerstone in black metal music, one that only sounds the way that only Shining can sound. The album also features Michael Amott (Carcass, Arch Enemy etc.) guest starring on two tracks and Swedish pop star Håkan Hemlin (Nordman), whose appearance on the track “Tillsammans vi är allt” raised a small storm in his home country because of the lyrical theme of the song: Hemlin is known to have a drug problem and “Tillsammans vi är allt” tells about heroin abuse. Known as a strong, controversial and sometimes even shocking live act, Shining have toured with bands like Satyricon and Watain, and are planning to hit European festivals and clubs after the release of “VII: Född Förlorare”.