DANZIG - Danzig III: How The Gods Kill


Format: CD

Style: Heavy Metal | Hard Rock

Availability: Limited


DANZIG - Danzig III: How The Gods Kill


Product Description

This limited edition release contains the CD for HOW THE GODS KILL and a rendering of H.R. Giger's surreal album a group's highest-charting studio album. It was also the first Danzig album to be produced entirely by the group's singer/songwriter/leader Glenn Danzig, and would prove to be the last album to include original drummer Chuck Biscuits. Like its two predecessors, DANZIG III (which featured horrific cover art by H.R. Geiger), continued to broaden the quartet's fanbase, while maintaining the band's unmistakable stamp (slow and crunchy riffs, tales of sex and the devil, Danzig's Jim Morrison-like vocal delivery, etc.). "Dirty Black Summer" is the album's standout track, as it deals with memories of Glenn Danzig's childhood, while other highlights include the eerie ballad "Sistinas," the buoyant title track, and the album-opening epic, "Godless," which is nearly seven minutes long. DANZIG III also proved to be one of the band's last album to stick to the group's original musical direction. Future releases like 1994's DANZIG 4 and 1996's BLACKACIDEVIL (the latter featuring only Glenn Danzig from the original band) experimented rather unsuccessfully with electronically sounds, a move that alienated Danzig's heavy metal audience. Recorded at Record Plant and Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California. Danzig: Glenn Danzig (vocals, keyboards), John Christ (guitar), Eerie Von (bass), Chuck Biscuits (drums). Danzig: Glenn Danzig (vocals, keyboards); John Christ (guitars); Eerie Von (bass guitar); Chuck Biscuits (drums). Danzig: Glenn Danzig (vocals, keyboards); John Christ (guitar); Eerie Von (bass); Chuck Biscuits (drums). Rolling Stone (7/9/92, p.105) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "..Danzig embodies the best in contemporary hard rock while displaying an originality that transcends genres...Rock is alarmingly short of visionaries these days; Danzig is the genuine article.."