EPITAPH / DARK ABBEY - The Fleshcrawl Tapes '91-'92 / Blasphemy


Format: CD

Style: Death Metal

Availability: Limited


EPITAPH / DARK ABBEY - The Fleshcrawl Tapes \'91-\'92 / Blasphemy


Product Description

FOR NON-USA CUSTOMERS, PLEASE BE SURE TO CHOOSE THE "INTERNATIONAL" SHIPPING OPTION DURING CHECK-OUT OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE DELAYED! NOTE: IF IN-STOCK ITEMS ARE ORDERED AND COMBINED WITH PRE-ORDERED ITEMS, ALL ITEMS WILL SHIP TOGETHER WHEN PRE-ORDERED ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE! DARK SYMPHONIES / THE CRYPT is proud to unearth the early incarnation of Sweden's EPITAPH known as FLESHCRAWL. Best known for their amazing debut album "Seeming Salvation" as well as their Classic 1991 "DISORIENTATION" Demo, FLESHCRAWL was forged after the band's Dark Abbey (pre-Epitaph) days as a side project for material that didn't blend in with the sound and lyrical content of EPITAPH. Featured on this release is the bands' original FLESHCRAWL Self Titled Demo as well as live tracks from the same time. Expect nothing less than raw, crushing Swedish Death metal that this amazing band is best know for! Featuring cover artwork by David Zardini and booklet illustrations by Mark Riddick! Additionally, for the first time ever on CD, this release features the Dark Abbey (pre-Epitaph band) only demo "Blasphemy".