SICK OF IT ALL - Sick Of It All


Format: MCD

Style: Grindcore

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SICK OF IT ALL - Sick Of It All


Product Description

Sick of It All is the first 7" EP recording by long-running New York hardcore punk band, Sick Of It All. It was the third-ever release by the influential punk/alternative label Revelation Records. Initially, only 4,000 copies of the EP were manufactured: 1,000 on standard black vinyl, and 1,000 on red vinyl, followed by a limited numbered pressing of 300 copies earmarked for a record convention held at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California, and then a final general-release press run of 2,000 copies. Afterwards, in 1988, eight of these songs were re-recorded and added to their first full-length album release, Blood, Sweat and No Tears, which is generally regarded[by whom?] as a landmark hardcore punk album. Revelation reissued the EP on both vinyl and compact disc in 1997 to commemorate its 10th anniversary. SOIA lead singer Lou Koller contributed a special sleeve note to the reissue. The reissue vinyl was deliberately limited to 1,100 black vinyl copies and 102 grey vinyl copies. A final vinyl run of 300 white vinyl copies was released by Revelation in December 2001, and today only the CD edition remains in print.