NAPALM DEATH - Noise For Music's Sake


Format: 2CD

Style: Grindcore

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NAPALM DEATH - Noise For Music\'s Sake


Product Description

Disc One features all of Napalm Death's greatest "hits", from early classics "Scum" and "Suffer The Children" to later crushers "Diatribes" and "Breed To Breathe." Disc two features a massive collection of bonus tracks, demos, live recordings, and other rare and unreleased material from throughout the band's career. Highlights include a live cover of Godflesh's "Avalanche Master Song"; two unreleased mixes of tracks from "Fear, Emptiness...Despair"; rare tracks from the "Pathological" and "North Atlantic Noise Attack" comps; and three live tracks dating back to the mid-80's, handpicked by Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury from his own personal collection -- one having been recorded on a hand-held recorder by Embury himself in '86 before he was in the band! The booklet features new interviews with the band and a Napalm Death family tree. This is a must-have for Napalm Death fans! Disc 1 01. The Kill 02. Scum 03. You Suffer 04. Deceiver 05. Hung 06. Antibody 07. Unchallenged Hate 08. Siege Of Power 09. Greed Killing 10. Suffer The Children 11. Mass Appeal Madness 12. Next Of Kin To Chaos 13. Judicial Slime 14. Lucid Fairytale 15. If The Truth Be Known 16. Plague Rages 17. Social Sterility 18. From Enslavement To Obliteration 19. Low Point 20. Contemptuous 21. Diatribes 22. Chains That Bind Us 23. Armageddon x 7 24. Breed To Breathe 25. The World Keeps Turning (EP Version) 26. The Infiltraitor 27. Nazi Punks Fuck Off Disc 2 01. Rise Above 02. Missing Link 03. Mentally Murdered 04. Walls Of Confinement 05. Cause And Effect 06. No Mental Effort 07. Pride Assassin 08. Avalanche Master Song (Feat. Godflesh)-Live at ICA, London 29/06/90 09. One And The Same 10. Sick And Tired 11. Malignant Trait 12. Killing With Kindness 13. Means To An End 14. Insanity Excursion 15. Truth Drug 16. Living In Denial 17. Food Chains 18. Upwards And Uninterested 19. I Abstain 20. Politics Of Common Sense 21. Internal Animosity (Studio Recording feat. Dorrian) 22. Scum (Studio Recording feat. Dorrian & Steer) 23. Life (Studio Recording feat. Dorrian & Steer) 24. Retreat To Nowhere (Studio Recording feat. Dorrian & Steer) 25. Remain Nameless (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 26. Twist The Knife (Slowly) (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 27. Deceiver (w/ Swanky's Intro - live in Wakken, Belgium 7/11/87) 28. The Traitor (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1/11/86) 29. Abattoir (live at the Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30/3/86)