CANDLEMASS - Doomology
Box Set 7LP


Format: Box Set 7LP

Style: Doom Metal

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CANDLEMASS - Doomology


Product Description

Candlemass, the originators of the epic doom metal style started offically in 1984 but the first seeds were sowed 2 years before when several of its band members were in a band called Nemesis. The band split in 1994 but Leif Edling resurrected the band in 1997 for the "Dactylis Glomerata" album and they have been going strong ever since. With 10 studio albums,a few live albums, EP's, split albums and many singles, the band has had a massive recording career. Albums like "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus," "Nightfall" and "Ancient Dreams" are considered classics in the doom-metal genre and rightly so. The biggest turnover of musicians has happened in the vocal department but all their vocalists have been a huge influence in the doom-metal scene. Johan Langquist, Messiah Marcolin, Thomas Vikström, Björn Flodkvist and Robert Lowe are among the finest singers the doom metal scene has produced and deciding which one was the best has always been good for a debate on message boards around the world. So it comes as no surprise after all these years and all these incredible recordings, a box set was due and just a few months ago, one was released titled "Doomology." 7 LP boxset, slipmat, 12 page booklet, A1 poster, black vinyl, limited to 700 copies.