NUNSLAUGHTER - DemoSlaughter


Format: 4xLPBoxSet

Style: Death Metal

Availability: Limited


NUNSLAUGHTER - DemoSlaughter


Product Description

The black prayers of Devil Metal worshipers have finally been answered... At last, for the first time ever, all 6 of the cult demo recordings now gathered together as a single release entitled "DEMOSlaughter". Each of these long-sold out recordings were previously only been available as individual cassettes & 7" EPs with very limited circulation throughout their 24-year history. Also included exclusively for this release, obscure rehearsals and the 1985 demo from DEATH SENTENCE (pre-NunSlaughter) all of which have never been heard before. "DEMOSlaughter" showcases the chronicle evolution of the band from the very embryonic stages of them unleashing the rawest and most chaotic death metal of the mid- eighties to a gradual escalation of their very own unique genre known today as "Devil Metal". RECOMMENDED FOR DIE HARDS OF: Possessed, Hellhammer, Venom, Slaughter RECORD 1: "Ritual of Darkness" demo '87: 1) I Am Death, 2) Hells Unholy Fire, 3) Killed by the Cross, 4) Nunslaughter, "The Rotting Christ" demo '89: 5) Burn in Hell, 6) Hells Unholy Fire, 7) Death by the Dead, 8) Killed by the Cross, 9) Cataclysm, 10) I Am Death, "Impale the Soul of Christ..." demo '91: 11) Impale the Soul of Christ..., 12) Blasphemy of the Flesh, 13) Burning Away, 14) Perversion of Gore, 15) Seas of Blood, 16) Altar of the Dead, 17) Inverted Churches, 18) Alive but Dead, 19) Burn in Hell, RECORD 2: "The Guts of Christ" demo '93: 20) Ritual of Darkness, 21) The Guts of Christ, 22) Sacrificial Zombie, 23) You Bleed, 24) Church of Disgust, "Face of Evil" demo '95: 25) Power of Darkness, 26) Pyre, 27) Lucifer, 28) To Defile, 29) Immortalize, 30) Face of Evil, 31) Slaughter the Heavens, "Evil Speaks" demo '98: 32) Church Bizarre, 33) Poisoned Priest, 34) Armies of the Dead RECORD 3: Rare rehearsals & outtakes RECORD 4: DEATH SENTENCE 1985 demo (pre-NunSlaughter) + Radio interview with Don of the Dead