NECROPHOBIC - Mark Of The Necrogram


Format: BOX SET

Style: Black | Death Metal

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NECROPHOBIC - Mark Of The Necrogram


Product Description

The Necrogram has awakened! Dormant for nearly four years, the sigil—crafted by Swedish death metal legends NECROPHOBIC long ago in a crucible of fire and ice—will spread hate, plague, and disease once more in 2018. “Mark of the Necrogram” is especially significant as it represents the rebirth of NECROPHOBIC with singer Anders Strokirk returning to the fold, the first classic Kristian Wåhlin cover since 1997’s “Darkside”, and musically offers a prime example how to blend death and black metal in the best possible, most diabolic way. Never letting down on its primal fury and predatory aggression, “Mark of the Necrogram” also has brilliant guitar melodies to offer, making it instantly accessible while never letting down on its sheer demonic force. Tracks like ‘Sacrosanct’, ‘Tsar Bomba’, ‘Pesta’ or ‘Lamashtu’ are just a few proofs why “Mark Of The Necrogram” might become one of 2018’s most celebrated metal records! Available as: Ltd. CD Box Set (incl. Digipak CD, woven patch, “Necrogram” metal pendant, five photo cards), CD, luxurious Gatefold LP (with 180 gram vinyl, 4-page inlay and double-sided poster).