ABSU - The Sun Of Tiphareth


Format: 2LP

Style: Black Metal

Availability: Limited


ABSU - The Sun Of Tiphareth


Product Description

Texas occult metal legends once again join forces with the Crypt to unleash their sophomore masterpiece "The Sun of Tiphareth". ABSU started in 1989 in Plano, Texas. Starting as death metal, they evolved more towards a mix of black metal and thrash metal by their second album and beyond and also incorporating various elements of celtic, folk, jazz fusion, progressive rock and psychedelia into their overall sound. Lyrical themes vary from myths and legends, weaponry, sorcery, alchemy, cosmology and beyond. These killer slabs of wax come housed in a 350 gram gatefold jacket featuring the original The sun of Tiphateth cover artwork by Kris Verwimp, and the original 1995 Osmose records gatefold jacket layout. LP one features the original 1995 sound recording mastered from the original DAT tape and LP 2 features the 2013 remix of the album sounding as the band originally intended. - Black vinyl. Ltd to 175 copies worldwide!!!