Format: 2CD

Style: Ritual | Dark Ambient | Drone

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Product Description

When we decided to celebrate our 25th anniversary in Paris together with our French friends of Au-delà du Silence we thought about something special for the event and we came up with the idea of a 2CD for the festival - one CD with unreleased tracks by all performing artists and one CD with some kind of mix. One person came straight into our minds: the infamous DJ Philipp Strobel from Berlin would be a perfect match of doing a special mix for our 25YLOKI compilation. We asked him if he could imagine something like this project and he jumped in, packed his record bag full of LOKI & PAS releases and worked on the mix to celebrate the LOKI label history. For a limited time we uploaded the DJ mix of Philipp Strobel at Soundcloud. Thank you Philipp and to the rest of you! CD1: S.E.T.I. Child Stage INADE The Library of Babel FJERNLYS The Nightshade CIRCULAR Into the Deepest Currents PHELIOS Vox Aeterna BAD SECTOR Radial Body 2 (Live) CD2: Tracklist Philipp Strobel - 25YLOKI DJ Mix: Ionosphere - Deep Interior Research [PAS 19] Inade - Ethos Anthropo Damon [LOKI 57] Penjaga Insaf - Pulang [PAS 27] S.E.T.I. - Mare Crisium [PAS 39] Bad Sector - April 12, 1961 [PAS 33] Fjernlys - Trunkene Flut [LOKI 42] Predominance - Four Symbols [LOKI 34] Circular - Intersection At The Infinite Space [LOKI 52] Fir§t Law - Bad Influence [LOKI 43] Ionosphere - Polarized Light [PAS 38] Bad Sector - 1969-11-12T10-41-11+01-00 - Rooms [PAS 30] Northaunt - If Only My Heart Were Stone [PAS 34] Circular - A Lightning Cycle [LOKI 52] Turbund Sturmwerk - Gloria Mundi [LOKI 36] Ex.Order - We Want No One To Escape [PAS 21] Phelios - White Ashes [LOKI 54] Northaunt - If Only My Heart Were Stone [PAS 34]