TRIAL - Vessel


Format: CD

Style: Heavy Metal | Hard Rock

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TRIAL - Vessel


Product Description

Trial are the newest Metal sensation from Sweden. They originally formed in 2007 but only when singer Linus Johansson joined in 2010, they were beginning to make headway. In 2011 Trial issued their debut album 'The Primordial Temple' via the Coffins Slave label, followed by the 'Malicious Arts' 7 inch single on Nuclear Winter Records in 2013. 'Vessel' is the band's first album for High Roller Records containing seven songs reminiscent of early Iron Maiden, mid-period Mercyful Fate with a bit of Omen thrown in for good measure. Which ever way you look at it, 'Vessel' is a clear improvement in comparison to the band's debut album. Trial are already being hailed as the natural successors to Portrait, In Solitude, RAM and Screamer...