ABAZAGORATH - The Satanic Verses


Format: CD

Style: Black Metal

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ABAZAGORATH - The Satanic Verses


Product Description

"this is a thoroughly black metal album, firmly rooted in the 90’s without sounding derivative or uninspired – indeed, this is a wonderfully passionate, self-assured album. Think back to how this is the band’s third album in almost twenty years, and it becomes clear that Abazagorath only release music when they are ready to do so. The Satanic Verses has been well worth the wait, and is another in a growing line of excellent releases from Eternal Death." - The Sound Not the Word "‘The Satanic Verses’ is in a lot of ways a throwback. It hits a great number of the hallmarks of 90s black metal throughout the album’s fifty-two minutes...when they’re on top of their game, their as formidable as anyone going today." - Sludgelord Newest full length from USBM legends Abazagorath "The Satanic Verses." A crushing and powerful release, featuring the best this long running black metal band band has to offer.