ECLIPSE ETERNAL - The Essence Of Hopelessness


Format: CD

Style: Black Metal

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ECLIPSE ETERNAL - The Essence Of Hopelessness


Product Description

With the release of their 3rd album looming on the horizon, Toronto Ontario Black Metal outfit ECLIPSE ETERNAL are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution deal with ARCHAIC NORTH ENTERTAINMENT. Recorded once again at Glen Drover's (MEGADETH, KING DIAMOND) Studios, “The Essence of Hopelessness” has mixed the vicious, harsh nature of the band’s previous work with an emotional intensity that is rarely seen in today’s black metal. The group have delved into their innermost suffering and wrenched forth an album that is both poignant and memorable. From cold atmospheres to absolute chaos, from acoustic and spoken word interludes to ripping shredding, this album is as brutal as it is stirring. With lyrics swinging from Odes to ancient Pagan times to suicide to murder most foul, ECLIPSE ETERNAL holds back nothing on this third full-length album. This is Death Obsessed Black Metal at its best.