ISKALD - Shades Of Misery


Format: digiCD

Style: Black Metal

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ISKALD - Shades Of Misery


Product Description

Two long years have passed since Iskald brought judgment day upon us with their opus, “Revelations of Reckoning Day”. This winter they return with yet another intense masterpiece. "The Sun I Carried Alone" throws you into a dark and epic journey filled with sorrow, anger and despair. Based on true events, this is a modern war epos sending you straight onto the battlefields. Still fueled by arctic surroundings they continue down the same musical path, introducing new elements, and also bringing back some old. Imagine if you were to melt their first LP “Shades of Misery” and their previous “Revelations of Reckoning Day” together to fulfill the perfect sound. You know what to expect, ice cold and crystal clear extreme metal from the very north of Norway!