EMPEROR - Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise (Grey)


Format: 2LP

Style: Black Metal

Availability: Limited


EMPEROR - Prometheus - The Discipline Of Fire & Demise (Grey)


Product Description

Emperor's final album. Based on the folklore of the mythological Greek demigod Prometheus (the entity who brought fire to the human race, and who is regarded as the "father" of mortals), it features 9 tracks of spellbinding progressive blackness. This highly talented band redefine the limits and stylistic range of black metal with every release. As Dom Lawson of Kerrang suggested, "The first 30 seconds of the first track alone makes the last Dimmu Borgir album sound like a hastily knocked-off demo." Much more heavily orchestrated, symphonic, and aggressively complex than their last album, 'Prometheus' is the logical conclusion to Emperor's career as prodigies, and features some of the most amazing guitar work ever recorded, moving them far beyond the stylistic limitations of their peers into a realm that belongs to them alone. Dark, morbid, beautiful, rich, technically brilliant metal from the band that everyone looks up to as innovators. - Limited Edition, LP, Grey, 180g.