MERCYLESS - Abject Offerings (Red)


Format: LP

Style: Death Metal

Availability: Limited


MERCYLESS - Abject Offerings (Red)


Product Description

MERCYLESS (Fra) Abject Offerings Official LP (CRYPT 67) After 23 years, The Crypt is honored to re-introduce the world to one of the great lost gems of death metal from the 90's, "Abject Offerings" from French Death metal Act Mercyless! MERCYLESS was Created in 1987. 3 demo tapes later [ "Immortal Harmonies", "Visions from the Past", "Vomiting Nausea" from 1988 to 1990 ], they recorded their first album "Abject Offerings" [ released on Vinyl Solution Records ] with Colin Richardson [ Carcass, Machine Head, Napalm Death... ] in 1992. This album was very well received worldwide and all these positive reactions were a great encouragement to progress in this infernal way! This gem is presented in a 350 gram sturdy jacket with the cover artwork from the 1992 CD as well as 2 sided insert complete with lyrics, unpublished classic band photos and new liner notes from the band and Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin.