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Style: Thrash Metal

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Don't forget to request your FREE limited edition Annihilator Bookshelf Box to house all 6 of your reissues! Only 1000 have been made and they are running out fast! 'Remains' is the sixth and final release in a series of 6 reissues that will come housed in a custom slipcase sleeve with bonus material and fit neatly into the limited edition bookcase box! Originally released in 1996, Remains features a wide variety of material that showcases the many sides of Jeff Waters’ songwriting talents, from all out metal ragers to more laid back material along with a few of his more experimental tracks along the way! This version also adds a bonus 'Alice In Hell' Guitar workshop plus 3 bonus tracks, including demo versions of classic Annihilator tunes from as far back as 1985. Tracklisting CD: 01. Tricks and Traps 02. Murder 03. Never Forget 04. Reaction 05. Human Remains 06. I Want 07. Dead Wrong 08. No Love 09. Sexecution 10. Wind 11. Bastiage 12. Words from Jeff Waters* 13. Back to the Palace (demo 1999)* 14. Annihilator (1985 Radio Ottawa demo)* * bonus tracks Bonus video: ‘New Alison Hell’ guitar workshop with Jeff