ANTHRAX - We've Come For You All


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Style: Thrash Metal

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ANTHRAX - We\'ve Come For You All


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ANTHRAX are really one of the few bands, which progressed continuously without challenging their fans to much. They started as a Thrash Metal band of the 80s and ended up as one of the most varied Metal bands of the new millenium. Although I’m a decent Thrash fan, I had never much fun with the New Yorker’s elder records. But with the “The Sound Of White Noise” album and the introduction of John Bush (a.o. ARMORED SAINT) as lead singer, I really dig on ANTHRAX. On their 2003 released actual work “We’ve Come For You All”, the guys around John Bush and Scott Ian deliver once again strong and distinctive crushers. The album kicks off after the intro “Contact” with the aggressive breaker “What Doesn’t Die”. One instantly recognizes, that ANTHRAX have increased in heaviness. Also the following pieces, “Superhero” and “Refuse To Be Denied” hit you in your stomach, but they are a bit more groovy as it’s known from ANTHRAX. Just after one spin, these songs stuck in my mind. But that’s not enough. With “Safe Home”, “Cadillac Rock Box” or “Taking The Music Back” (the absolute highlights), one catchy tune follows the other and the best thing is: no song is similar to another. “Cadillac Rock Box” for example, is a jaunty rocker. “Black Dahlia” contains Thrash Metal and even a blastbeat part and with the RAMONES cover “We’re Happy Family”, there is as bonus even a Punk song. ANTHRAX offer diversity and pure power. Furthermore, “We’ve Come For You All” is blessed by a great sound. The sound of the guys had never been so pressuring than here. That they are a big family, prove the New Yorkers with the list of guest appearances. So, there are Anthony Martin on “Refuse To Be Denied” and “Roger Daltrey on “Taking The Music Back”, handling the vocal duties and once again played Dimebag Darrel (ex-PANTERA, DAMAGAPLAN) the axe, this time on “Strap It On” and “Cadillac Rock Box”. They also rotate on their own instruments. On „Superhero“, „Any Place But Here“ and „Think About An End“, drummer Charlie Benante provides the guitar leads. Or on “Crash”, bass player Frank Bello takes the micro. So, this is a real teamwork. And whatever the band do, on “We’ve Come For You All” they deliver quality without exception. Of course, with such a colourful mixture, not everybody will like all songs but exactly that’s the reason why here should be something for everybody. The songs convince with power, catchiness and diversity and wonder singer John Bush ennobles them moreover with his pretty variable voice. Metal heart, what do you want more? I’m anxious to see the gig of the guys on this years Bang Your Head festival 2004, where they will surely leave only scorched earth. Until then, I enjoy the time with listening to “We’ve Come For You All” and that’s it, you should do, too.