ARKTAU EOS -Unworeldes


Format: LP

Style: Post Rock

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ARKTAU EOS -Unworeldes


Product Description

Ioh-Maera & Unworeldes present the latest steps in the evolution of Arktau Eos' "archaic elemental music" towards new and unknown spheres; their previous output has been received exceptionally well across a variety of genres, with its praises sung by enthusiasts into experimental/minimalistic music, dark ambient, and the old-school ritual music typified by early Ain Soph or the Nekrophile Records roster from the mid-’80s. Arktau Eos work in a specially built studio-laboratory recording mostly on real, old-time reel tape, utilising an array of unusual, ethnic and self-built instruments, as well as synths from the ‘60s and ‘70s in an intuitive or a mediumistic manner. It is a highly original venture into still largely unexplored territory, which has also drawn considerable interest outside of specifically music-related circles – as testified bythe recent appearance of the group at Seattle's Esoteric Book Conference.