ANATHEMA - Resonance Vol. 2


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Style: Post Rock

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ANATHEMA - Resonance Vol. 2


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With such a huge wealth of material existing in shades of light & dark, brutal and fragile, a two-part retrospective was the only way to do Anathema's panoramic musical vision the justice it deserves. This second part, Resonance 2 features the dark side of Anathema including 'Future Dreams' and 'Empty', as featured on the 1998 much sort after Alternative Future e.p. promo. Anathema have been together over a decade and began their musical career in Liverpool. They signed to Peaceville Records in early 1992 and released four albums and two EP's. Their debut album 'Serenades' hit the shops in early 93 to wide spread critical acclaim, making Metal Hammer and Headbanger's Ball album of the month. A major touring schedule consumed Anathema for the next two years throughout Europe and Great Britain, including support slots with Bolt Thrower, Paradise Lost, Cannibal Corpse and Cathedral. By the release of their second album 'The Silent Enigma' original vocalist Darren White departed to form The Blood Divine (with various original Cradle Of Filth members). Vinnie - the guitarist took over vocal helm and the brutality of their original sound was now complimented by a more melodic and ethereal style. However, it wasn't until their third album 'Eternity', released in November '96, that Anathema discovered Anathema. The album garnered favourable comparisons to the band's icon; Pink Floyd, and a massive increase in sales across the world followed.